Has technology let you down? We can get you back up and running with ease! We have years of experience in repairing all software and hardware problems with your technical equipment. Whether you are using a mobile device such as a laptop or handheld PC, desktop computer, or server, we can help! Experienced with all versions of Microsoft Windows as well as Linux OSs along with hundreds of sofware packages. We also offer data restoration services if your equipment has failed and you need access to the information left behind on that device.

Are you running an older computer or not satisfied with the performance of your current one? We can bring you up to speed with the latest technology and optimize your equipment’s performance. And, if you would be better off purchasing new instead of upgrading, we’ll let you know. Why spend more to get less?

Looking for a cheap computer to browse the web? Or maybe you’re a hardcore gamer needing to stay on the edge for the latest games coming out? Perhaps a business in need of servers? We can help by building custom computers according to your budget and needs!

Broken cell phone or tablet screen? Gaming console not reading disks? We also repair a vast array of electronic devices!